Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Journey Continues..

For anybody who may be interested, since I have cancelled my EQ2 account, this blog is no longer updated. Well, at least not "regularly". However I feel that starting a new blog for every new game I get into (now, or in the future) is kinda wasteful.

Thus, I have decided to resurrect an old blog of mine, a generic gaming blog which I will probably use from now on. It is now renamed to Shades of Twilight (from an orignally unimaginative name). Please excuse the mess there as I also have recently changed templates and haven't gotten around to "prettying it up" yet.

As far as Everquest 2 goes though, I have currently no plans to go back to it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Look Over Here! Part 2

I have cancelled my account. It has been months since I have been back in Norrath, and thus I decided I wasn't going to keep paying to keep my account alive thinking that "I'll be back soon".

Work and real life got in the way. Work has become hectic and required longer working hours than usual. Even when I do get home, the urge and drive is all gone from grinding. It has become a chore.

Good news is, though, that MTV somehow noticed one of my EQ2 vids and are talking to me about airing Look Over Here which is very flattering. Never thought something silly I did back in Sept '05 could get noticed :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

On Vacation


Heh what else can I say? It looks good, plays good, very immersive, very addictive. I might be taking a week or so off from Norrath and hang around in Tamriel :)

Oh yeah I won't be quitting EQ2. I need to get my main up to 70! I still wanna go raiding. Alot of my raider friends have already reach 70, or nearing it. I'm still at lvl 64 heh!

But, time spent in EQ2 means time away from Oblivion, and trust me, Oblivion > EQ2 (for now at least).